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In looking for ways for companies to make the most of Second Life and other virtual worlds, we often find ourselves in need of a product that does not yet exist. Independant of our custom work, we've got several of these products in development. Our first, ChatBridge, is ready to make your Second Life experience more productive.

ChatBridge is dedicated to freeing up your time by allowing you to still be in contact with the metaverse even when you're away from it. Now you won't miss out on important messages or opportunities because you weren't in world to get them. ChatBridge is easy to operate and will work with any IM client you chose to use. There are currently four versions of ChatBridge available. Each version was created to be a Second Life to Real Life Gateway.

ChatBridge Web allows companies or individuals to stream the chat from a meeting onto the web, enabling users to both see and participate in the conversation from their browser. This version uses the web rather than instant messaging, and enables you to limit participation to your own registered users without requiring a Second Life account.

NEW! Club ChatBridge is designed to give smaller venues many of the same capabilities larger clients can achieve with ChatBridge Web. Currently accepting volunteers for private beta. Contact Tria Boucher or email Club ChatBridge to be included.

ChatBridge Personal enables you to maintain contact with your Second Life friends and customers without being in world. An external IM window such as Yahoo Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger pops up when someone needs help so you can have a conversation with without being logged in.

ChatBridge Friend has the same features that ChatBridge personal has, but enables you to have private one to one conversations with the special people in your Second Life. Best of all, you can get one for each of your friends or group members, so that you can be reached any time, in world or out.

ChatBridge Corporate allows companies to take a more proactive stand in a metaverse environment. This version allows you to detect whether an avatar is approaching, have loggable conversations with the avatar without having to log into Second Life, and use multiple IM clients and multiple sensors. Think of it as a type of "client radar" that can also isolate individual avatars. ChatBridge Corporate has been designed to allow every function needed for business use.

ChatBridge Rental System is a hybrid of all the other versions of ChatBridge. It allows store and mall owners to have contact with their shoppers without having to stay in world. Use it to contact a client or to tell when someone is there so you can answer questions or log in to provide personal service. You also have the added benefit of being able to use ChatBridge for traffic tracking.

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